TV Points

Enjoy uninterrupted viewing experience with our high-quality TV point services for your home TV outlet installation.

Level up your home entertainment experience with our premium home TV outlet installation

At Mirnee Electrical Solutions, we have skilled home TV outlet installation specialize in installing, repairing, and relocating TV points to ensure optimal viewing experiences throughout your living spaces. Whether you need additional TV points installed in different rooms, want to relocate an existing TV point, or require repairs for a faulty connection, our experienced team is equipped to handle it all.

Our TV point services include expert installation of coaxial cables, connectors, and wall plates to ensure clear signal reception and seamless connectivity. We pay attention to detail, ensuring that cables are neatly concealed and routed to maintain the aesthetics of your home.

“Upgrade your home entertainment setup with our expert TV point services for home TV outlet installation.”


Don’t compromise on entertainment

Seamless connectivity, elevated entertainment

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